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We are One pulse

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One Pulse Entertainment is headed up by Jenn Cristy and Eric Brown. While on tour together in 2014 Jenn and Eric realized that by combining their talent and experience, they could bring a heightened quality and professionalism to music productions. 

Jenn's background experience includes recording and touring with John Mellencamp and then moving on to her own successful career as an exceptional songwriter and entertainer, performing original material. Wearing all the hats in her project (performer, singer, instrumentalist, songwriter, businesswoman, manager, booking agent, and more), she brings a depth of experience to One Pulse that is unmatched. 

Eric's background includes performing all over the world in many different projects.  He has also written and produced multiple original albums and recorded in the studio for many different performers.  From 2010 to 2014 Eric was owner of a successful Southwest company, which produced over 50 different types of shows in all genres. 

Now we are merging the experience and talent of these two performers/business people, and have created a new entity: One Pulse Entertainment. One Pulse works with only the most talented, quality, professional entertainers. There are three criteria to be a One Pulse Performer: you must be talented, you must be entertaining, and most importantly we only work with good people. We pride ourselves in giving the performance of a lifetime, but also doing it with quality and professionalism. One Pulse is a brand new company, but the people running it have run successful entertainment companies individually and are now combining efforts to take the business and performances to the next level. 


Eric Brown heads an all-star team of performers specializing in rock/blues from the 50's to today. Eric Brown and the L Street Band focus on the music of Bruce Springsteen, but play a variety of classic rock music including Tom Petty, CCR, John Mellencamp, Bob Seger, Chuck Berry and more. Always an energetic performer, Eric endeavors to capture the essence of what makes rock/blues music so great and pour intensity into every stage experience.


 Jenn Cristy simply does it all. If Jenn is on stage, you should be there! With an incredible voice, amazing piano skills, and an unmatched stage presence, every show is a must-see experience when Jenn is involved. 

Jenn is a singer/songwriter who leads her band of original performers. You can also see her performing as a multi-instrumentalist in many 1Pulse productions, singing blistering versions of Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner songs and more. Each rendition is as heart-felt as it is entertaining. 

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Hannah Estabrook - Executive Director

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