The 4th Dimension: Simply the best music ever made...

This is a show that brings together the out-of-this-world talent of 4 different performers and treats the audience to the greatest hits spanning 4 decades. This show is diverse in its musical presentation yet universal in that the songs are selected because of their timeless quality. With great harmonies, amazing instrumentation, and an incredibly fun stage show, The 4th Dimension is pure entertainment. 


The 4 Decades 

    • The 50's: From Muddy to Buddy; from Elvis to Chuck Berry put your dime in the juke and join the 4th Dimension at sock-hop central. 

    • The 60's: From Patsy to Janis; Beatles to Hendrix; Aretha to the Rolling Stones; the 60's ushered popular music into a new dimension. Get your lava lamps, tie-dyes, and VW wagons and come along for the free ride! 

    • The 70's: The Piano Man to Pink Floyd; ABBA to Zeppelin; Bowie to Clapton; put on your bell-bottoms, grow your collar, sport that medallion and GET GROOVY. 

    • The 80's: Madonna to Springsteen; Petty to Prince to Parton; Cyndi Lauper to Michael Jackson; put down the Rubik's Cube, turn on the MTV, tease your hair up and party like it's a royal wedding!


When 3D simply isn't enough, we now have 4D: The 4th Dimension...