In 2017-18, an unlikely performer broke all-time sales records on Broadway: that performer was Bruce Springsteen. With his award-winning one-man acoustic show, he made Broadway history. How did a rock star end up taking The Great White Way by storm? Longtime fans of Springsteen were not a bit surprised. His ability to tell a story with just a song and an acoustic guitar have built an unparalleled music career. Springsteen got his first record contract by auditioning in front of a record exec with only an acoustic guitar and a raw yearning to live out his dreams through his own music.

In "The Boss, Broadway, and Beyond", Eric Brown (nationally touring Springsteen tribute artist), takes you on a journey of Springsteen's deeply-rooted relationship with acoustic music. This certainly is a show for Springsteen fans, but is really a show for everyone: everyone who has struggled, laughed, cursed and celebrated. It's a story of one man's voyage through life with just a guitar, a runaway American dream, and the guiding force of rock and roll as his religion.

From his humble beginnings to his recent domination of Broadway, this show explores the songs, the stories, and the passion behind Springsteen's raw, emotive energy with his instrument and his audience. You'll hear the stories behind special versions of these songs, which are played with care and respect for the music that made Springsteen famous; we'll discover together how Springsteen forever expanded the definition of the term "Rock Star."